They do not come from a creative whim, every form contains a moment of our culinary history, a world of flavors unique and valuable. A pleasure for the palate and an invitation to discover and appreciate the culture of homemade pasta quality. Cook it according to our ideas, which are the simple ones, the same as always: large pot and appropriate for the size of the pasta, 1 liter of water for every pound of pasta, attendine boiling to add the salt (about 10 grams per liter), falls the dough, turn it gently with a wooden spoon and scolala a minute before when you feel they are cooked "al dente". I just drained appreciate the delicate scent of wheat, and we invite you to taste a little 'without seasoning, enjoying all the texture. Try it also seasoned only with good extra-virgin olive oil and parmesan, stir and wait to be perfectly absorbed and a good appetite.

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