Delizie di Calabria

Peperoncini Piccanti

Delizie di Calabria wants to honor "his majesty the chili" with a wide range of products based on the ingredient prince of many recipes Calabresi. The chili comes in many shapes and sizes and the food use is different depending on the variety: cherry chilli, sweet and slightly spicy pepper long and very spicy, to enhance the flavors of foods. The best of Calabrian chili preserved in oil to satisfy the most demanding in terms of spiciness.


Linea Cuore

Delizie di Calabria offers the Line Heart, a symbol of love, love for the chili, love of nature. A line of regional products, the typical "bombs" Calabria, preparations of ground peppers and mixed vegetables, for those who love the extremely strong and spicy flavors.


 bombetta-90g bomba-deli-amore  fuoco-damore  peperoncini-lunghi-piccanii 
 Bombetta - Hot Calabrian Pepper Spread  Bomba Dell' Amore - Hot Calabrian Pepper Spread Fuoco D'Amore - Extra Hot Calabrian Chilli Spread  Peperoncini Lunghi - Hot Long Peppers