Lurisia Water

Lurisia Water is an exceptional thirst quencher.
Pure - Refined - Clear - Cool - Light - Refreshing
From the Fonte Santa Barbara springs to our tables.

lurisia-lemon-chinottoLurisia CHINOTTO & GAZZOSA
are free of preservatives & colourings

Intense natural fruit aromas are released from the finest lemons & chinotto sour oranges in order to obtain the essence of nature & unmistakable nuances which characterise these unique quenchers.




lurisia-still-waterStill Water

35.4mg/L of dry residue very low sodium, 3.0mg/L - 0.0005% of the recommended daily dose 6.9pH - perfectly compatible with the human body very rapid digestion of minerals thru its < 1 degrees hardness (French)
Fonte Santa Barbara is a natural spring 1,460 metres above sea level in an uncontaminated environment far from any possible source of pollution.