Fruit Fusion Spanish Fruit Cakes

 All our products conbine tradition, high qualities and cutting edge technology; together with our exclusive dedication for more than thirty years. In Fruit Fusion we bet on perfection, we select the best raw materials of the Mediterranean, to prepare our products.

fuitfusion fig almonds

The Corona Blanca Fig and Almonds Cake, handmade for over thirty years with Figs of the “Pajarero” variety, differenced by their thinner skin and special sweetness, and the best Spanish Almonds. Achieving an entirely natural and delicious flavor.

  fuitfusion date walnuts

The Corona Blanca Date and Walnuts Cake, is handmade with the best selection of dates of the “Deglet Nour” variety and Californian Walnuts, giving as result a delicacy able to conquer even the most demanding Palates.

    fuitfusion apricot almonds

The Apricot and Almonds Cake Corona Blanca is produced using traditional methods with the best sun dried Apricots from Turkey and our appreciated Almonds resulting in a colorful, healthy and yummy delicacy.

fuitfusion orange almonds

The Corona Blanca Orange and Almonds Cake is obtained trough the combination of our best selection of raw materials: sun dried Figs, Dates, sun dried Apricots slices, Almonds and the soft touch that brings the sweet candied Orange.

    fuitfusion fig choc almonds

The Fig and Almonds Cake-Choc Corona Blanca is prepared using Traditional methods combining: The best Spanish Figs, the “Pajarero” variety, diferenced by their thinner Skin and special texture, sun dried naturally by the Sun of the Mediterranean, with Almonds and exquisite pure black Chocolate tears.

  fuitfusion fig choc walnuts

The Date and Walnuts Cake-Choc Corona Blanca is prepared using Traditional methods combining: the most appreciated Dates from Sahara Desert, the “Deglet Nour” variety; Californian Nuts and tears of exquisite pure black Chocolate.